How to Build Credibility for your Storage Business within the Perth Community

How to Build Credibility for your Storage Business within the Perth Community

The storage industry has been steadily developing for the past 3 decades, and with more and more people requiring storage space, the industry has a bright future. As with any business, credibility is always important as it gives the consumer added confidence, and with so many small businesses offering secure storage units for rent, it makes sense to create an image of stability and dependability.


Offering storage space involves a high level of security, as people are not prepared to leave their valuables in a location that is not secure. The entire perimeter of the business perimeter should be monitored by CCTV cameras, and with round the clock on-site security, your customers will feel confident that their goods are well protected.

Unlimited Access

People who wish to store their valuables also need access at any time, and by issuing them with a set of keys that no one else has access to, customers will feel even more secure. There are many reasons why a person might want to store items in a lock up facility. It might be that they have too many things at home and are using the storage unit temporarily, until they are ready move house. More and more small businesses are using storage facilities, especially online retailers who need to carry a lot of stock and being able to access at any time of day or night is essential.

First Class Service

This could be the difference between success and failure, so nothing should be too much trouble regarding your customers. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising, and any business that puts customer satisfaction above everything else will go a long way. The premises should always be spotlessly clean, as many people will judge a business by the level of hygiene they experience.

Range of Unit Sizes

Ideally, you should have units ranging from a couple of square metres to a unit large enough to store the entire contents of a large house, with everything in between. There needs to be a choice of interior or exterior storage space, which then allows customers to store cars and boats. Regular customers should receive preferential rates, as they are the core clients, and one should have access to extra storage space, in the event business develops to a point where it is required.

Rules and Regulations

The terms and conditions of the rental agreement should be easily understood, as it is in your interests that the customer fully understands what the deal entails, and with reminders issued automatically at the right intervals, your clients will always be fully informed.

Packing Materials

Ideally, you should have a range of items for sale, should your clients require, and the units must be kept in good condition and thoroughly cleaned every time a unit is returned. Extra locks that only the customer has access to will certainly put their mind at rest, and these can be available as an extra.


It goes without saying that the storage facility should have adequate insurance to cover all the goods stored, and the certificates should be prominently displayed for everyone to see. Fire extinguishers need to be evident and adequate lighting will ensure optimum visibility.

Customer Feedback

If you compile a short questionnaire for all your customers to complete at the end of the rental agreement, you will receive accurate feedback, which gives you the opportunity to address any issues that might arise. Marketing is important and with a dynamic website that is easy to navigate, potential clients can easily obtain relevant information and even make a booking.

Easy Payments

A secure online payment system makes it easy for clients to pay their bills, and with periodic reminders issued, your clients will be reminded in a timely fashion. Clients should be able to enter the facility at their leisure, and a keyless digital lock is ideal, as once the customer has a code, they can enter at will.

Customer Support

Anything a customer might require should be readily available and that would include advice on how to store specific items. You should also have a packing and collection service, which is ideal for small business owners who perhaps do not have the time to do this. A regular customer should be regarded as your most valuable commodity and every effort should be made to ensure total satisfaction. Happy customers tell their friends, so if you are committed to excellence, slowly but surely, your client base will grow. Recommendations will make up a large share of your business and regular customers should be rewarded for bringing in new customers.


The storage business is always required and by providing clean and secure lock up units and exterior space, you have the foundation for a sustainable business.