Advice For Running Your Storage Facility’s Social Media Accounts

Advice For Running Your Storage Facility’s Social Media Accounts

Social media can be a complex topic, but the use of it will certainly help your self-storage business thrive. Instead of seeing it as a place to spam up the Internet with facts about your facility, think of it as an online conversation happening in real-time. If there’s a conversation about your facility (whether it’s positive comments or negative feedback), you will want to think about engaging in the interaction. In particular, don’t jump on the social media bandwagon only because you think you should. If you do it for the purpose of boosting your SEO or because somebody at a tradeshow recommended you should, it won’t be that long before you regret the fact that you ever started the account. Here are some basic steps to becoming successful in this sector:

Choose Your Target Audience

  • Before you simply dive into the ocean, think about the kind of people you want to reach with social media. Think about the community in which you live and what the people find important. Consider the kinds of people who will rent your storage facility and you will soon learn how to make the most out of social media for your self-storage business.

Be Deliberate With Your Platform Choice

  • After considering your target audience and the community around you, use that information to make an informed decision regarding which social media platforms you use. Some options are more time consuming than others, but they may deliver better results.

Here’s some popular choices:

  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Blogs
  • Think about how these platforms interact with each other. For example, your Pinterest posts should link back to something meaningful for the user. Will that be a promotion on Facebook, a blog post on your website, a video on YouTube, or a different interaction?

Create a Realistic Plan of Action

  • While the prospect of gaining likes and followers online can be exciting, it’s important that you make a plan that you can adhere to. Don’t get too overactive at the beginning only to become unnecessarily overwhelmed. The very last thing you wish to do is hire a full-time social media manager when you really don’t need one.

Protect and Build Your Brand

  • In the interests of your self-storage facility’s well-being, don’t ever use your accounts to scare away your customers. It might seem like common sense to be nice to your customers, but you must remember to treat everyone kindly and to remember that real people, just like you, are writing these comments. Don’t post ill-intentioned or rude words at all about any local competition or get into an argument when someone makes a negative comment that irks you. It’s one of the cardinal rules of great customer service and it’s as simple as keeping a cool head, no matter how emotional a conversation may become.

And that, should give you some starting advice on just what to do when you’re considering getting involved in the self-storage business. Good luck!